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KoolMax Remote Displays, Commercial Refrigeration and Freezers

While sharing about the words of Quality, Affordability and the Efficiency KoolMax Group’s name is listed on the top of most commercial refrigeration companies. KoolMax is a registered trade mark for the name of trust and quality services. KoolMax Group also feels proud for being an approved qualified member of CARBON TRUST for energy efficiency Loans.

Koolmax Group specialises in the manufacturing and sale of its own products and also a supplier of world prominent brands like ARNEG, HUSKY, SCAN and many others.

Koolmax Group also supply and install shelving solutions to a wide variety of sectors including large retail outlets, convenience stores, hardware stores, and petrol forecourts.

Proud to be the “First Choice For ‘Blue Chip’ Partners”. For many years “Koolmax Group” have enjoyed favoured status with known brand names like AB Inbev, Carlsberg, Danone, Heineken, Pepsico, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Constellation, Unilever, Harley Davidson, General Motors Australia, SAB Miller, and many more.

The reason behind the success of these dominating companies is just their focus for the best quality services and to maintain tier standards. Being on to the panel of these companies we feel proud saying that we maintain High Standards for the commercial refrigeration and commercial freezer products and services we deliver to our clients.

KoolMax Group have delivered World Class Commercial Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets, Commercial Freezers, Integral Multidecks, Remote Multideck, Back Bar Coolers, Glass Door Fridges, Catering Freezers, Serve Overs, Pizza Counters, Ice Machines, Glass Door Freezers, Catering Fridges and a lot more.

In terms of innovation and the use of Eco-friendly materials our designs lead the world. Every detail – from the use of non-polluting refrigerants in individual appliances to the development of the trailblazing Intelligenzia range which is able to ‘think’ for itself in order to reduce running costs for retailers – is carefully thought through by our enthusiastic product development team.

KoolMax Group spans the globe through a network of franchisees, run by business people selected for their dynamism, business acumen and determination to succeed. Our partners know that help is always close at hand.

KoolMax Group’s vast reservoir of commercial experience, accumulated over the past five years, gives us a valuable insight into the commercial needs and requirements of our partners. Yet we remain family-owned with an ethos that respects established British trading practices and merges them with the best in excellent manufacturing flexibility.