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Gastronorm Freezers

If you want to buy high quality gastronorm freezers then KoolMax has the best range of freezers to offer. They have a wide variety of freezers. There is single door, double door, upright and under counter freezers in their collection. The appliances in their collection are made of stainless steel. KoolMax only has gastronorm freezers of best refrigeration brands in their collection.


Buy Gastronorms Freezers

Undoubtedly, when it comes to saving space and storing refrigerated products in an efficient manner, Gastronorm freezers are a perfect choice, especially for food-related businesses (supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants or cafes). These are one of the most efficient refrigeration units available in the market today with exceptionally low running costs but also being environmental friendly.


From a broad range of gastronorm freezers here at KoolMax Group, you can choose the one that best suits your business requirements. Our refrigeration appliances come with durable materials guarantee to cope up with the rough milieu of a commercial kitchen. It has galvanized steel main frames; steel lids and aluminum interiors provide the strength necessary for optimum performance and product longevity.


Other key features include; 


  • Offering a sufficient temperature range of -18 degree to -22 degree, which is operated by a variable thermostat and can recover temperature very quickly after frequent door openings.
  • Its internal partition doubles as a defrost water tray for ultimate efficiency and maximized storage capacity.
  • Its super freeze function helps in bringing large quantities of stock down to temperature rapidly.
  • For quick and simple location and retrieval of stock
  • A secure lock ensures that valuable stock is safe when unattended.


We have been in the industry for more than six years and have built long-standing relationships with the top manufacturers throughout our expedition; that's why we know which product will be beneficial for your business. KoolMax Group is continuously evolving with time continually updating and modernizing their equipment to deliver premium products. With a one-year manufacturer’s parts warranty, Lease-To-Buy option, and exclusive after-sales services, what more could you ask for?


We offer a broad range of gastronorm freezers with the lowest price possible and the unbeatable service and support. We also offer two years warranty on all of our products. We'll never ask a single penny for delivery for our clients. Just order your favorite model right now, and it will be delivered the very next day at your front door. We all know that the catering industry in moving fast, that's why we prefer to deliver your orders as soon as possible. Call us right now and talk to our sales representative for further information.


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Gastronorm Freezers

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